Me Want Beach, and Expwy Needs More Fans

(Psst… watch this in HD for the highest low quality.)

This is a video collage of random beach-related YouTube vids that I threw together in a fan music video for Expwy.

His music makes me want to go to the beach… and ride a bike, I guess. I don’t even like the beach that much. Yeah, that’s how good this song is. Worth-getting-sand-up-your-ass good.

Okay, okay, the truth is I’ve been really beach-crazed this summer, like a baby-crazed woman on her 35th birthday who’s always wanted kids but doesn’t have any, only, y’know, with a beach.


Particularly, I want to go to the beach on a rainy day. That sounds really nice. I don’t know why. Don’t judge me.

Stop it. Stop the judgement.

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to get my beach on and won’t be able to for the rest of the summer, I’ve been listening to beachy music, wishing I was somewhere tropical. Best Coast, Wavves, The Young Veins and, last but not least, Expwy (which is pronounced “expressway” for those of you who, like me, were saying “expeewhuy”).

Cutting together this video was a cathartic experience. I mean, when you really think about it, going to the beach and sitting alone in the dark are basically the same thing anyway.

I learned two things through making this video:

1) I like film burns way too much and use far too many and really shouldn’t use so many but look at the pretty colors…

2) I forgot what the other thing was.

If you are desperately seeking beachland, maybe this video will help you. Or maybe it will make your eyes bleed from the mass amounts of fake light leaks crammed into its three minutes.

Have fun. If your eyes do bleed, I suggest tissues.


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