DJ Roomantic

This season of Parks and Recreation has brought us many adorable, sexy, and romantic character relationships. Andy and April, Ann and Chris, and lastly, the most obvious one…

…Tom and DJ Roomba.

Last season introduced DJ Roomba, a saucy part-time DJ and full-time vacuum cleaner. The chemistry between he and Tom was undeniable. In the latest Parks and Rec episode, “Camping”, DJ Roomba comes back from his unpaid vacation, and the two reunite most passionately.

Oh, sure, they try to hide their relationship from the cameras, but we know better. Why else would Tom be making a sexy pose on his dog bed, seductively tempting DJ Roomba with his ice cream machine?

Come on, Parks and Rec producers. You’re not fooling anyone by throwing around that Tom and Wendy nonsense. Some may say romance between man and machine is wrong, but if loving a small vacuum cleaner that plays music is wrong, Tom doesn’t want to be right. He even coyly sneaks in a little sideways thumbs-up to DJ Roomba, just to remind us of their love.

I think the look on Tom’s face says it all.


One response

  1. SandySays1

    LOL, what a great SOH! And they say love is only for people. I agree, I have this rubber duck….

    March 28, 2011 at 12:52 pm

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