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Weird, Very Not-Sexy Boobs

Since oh-so-many people seem to find my blog via classy variations on the search term “boobs”, I decided to pay homage to this one little word that has brought me so much porn-seeking traffic…



Battle of the Bods: McDonald’s Edition

It’s a tale as old as time, true as it can be. Or rather, a question as old as the birth of McDonald’s. Who’s hotter, Grimace or the Hamburglar?


I Punched a Girl: Part IV

“How does someone even get knocked out twice in one day?” I heard Andy ask. Everything was black. I couldn’t see.

“I can’t see!” I wailed.

“Open your eyes, dumbass,” Andy said.


I Punched a Girl: Part III

This is the part where I got a concussion. If Shelby didn’t think I was a total freak already, this definitely sealed the deal.